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Daily Horoscope 29 Juli: Gemini



PANTAU24.COM – If you look inside your wallet, you might see a few dust bunnies. Living a cash-free life may be great, but you can’t pay for everything with plastic or your phone.

Eventually, the expenses have to go somewhere! Closely examine your bills and assess your financial health today. It might be wise to go back to the old-fashioned idea of not buying what you can’t afford.

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At least that way, you’ll know at a glance what you have or don’t have.


You’ve had enough of facts. Now it’s time for some fiction. Stories hold an important clue for you. In fact, you may uncover a diamond in the rough just listening to tales of the past.

Couples Love

Your partner can tell the corniest joke in the world and it will still crack you up. It’s not the message but the messenger that makes all the difference. You two are enjoying some vibrant, loving energy now.

Fakta menarik dan bermanfaat
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A co-worker may be taking advantage of another co-worker, like the lazy kid in high school who made a less popular student do their homework. Put the kibosh on that sort of behavior. You don’t tolerate cheats.

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